Sauti yetu is a set of tools for citizens to amplify their
concerns and suggestions on public services.

The Government of Kenya, through the Office of the President, the Commission on Administrative Justice and INFONET Africa
have collaborated to create an ecosystem of support towards creating a responsive government and a responsible citizenry,
by providing Sauti Yetu portal & applications.

Sauti yetu has capabilities of sms, twitter, facebook & other social media channels. A dashboard for receiving feedback by authorities.

Sauti Yetu is developed as a tool to improve the ecosystems of public service delivery. It allows citizens to amplify their suggestions, concerns and complaints directly to the responsible service provider. It also allows automatic escalation of non responsive providers for action. Effectiveness, impact and knowledge of SAUTI YETU is led by the African Institute for Health and Development. Sauti YETU is are swahili words meaning "our voices".


The Presidential Strategic Communications Unit works towards innovating ways within which Government harnesses innovation for efficiency and responsiveness.


The Commission on Administrative Justice is a quasi-judicial independent commission charged with dealing with maladministration.


INFONET is a social enterprise that works towards harnessing the power of mobile and web technologies to improve capabilities of states, private sector and civil society.

Sauti yetu cool stuff


Accesss Playstore and download this SAUTI YETU app for android phones.


Access Windows Store for SAUTI YETU App for Windows phones..

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