Sauti Yetu is an online portal for real time information sharing on service delivery by county governments. County Budget information is shared and citizens get an opportunity to monitor and track performance of development projects through the use of internet and mobile technologies.

Sauti Yetu, is intergrated at the county levels and is a feedback channel for authorities, service delivery or customer service body to act/interact and allows citizens to send messages via different channels including SMS, Email, Mobile Application and Web to county staff at different levels, including ward and sub-county.

Sauti Yetu will include SMS polling system, which county authorities can use to send questions and receive feedback on specific topics from the citizens on budget preparations and service delivery.


Application of good financial management systems and processes for tracking resource utilisation ensures that county departments make effective use of their resources.

Effective planning and financial control will help departments to:

⇒ Ensure the efficient and effective use of resources
⇒ Make sound financial decisions
⇒ Demonstrate accountability
  ⇒ Take remedial action where needed

These departments can then utilize the functions of Sauti Yetu Portal to effectively communicate and engage with their constituents for overall transparency, accountability, and development of their county.


Sources of Data

  • Citizen Generated
  • Media (Radio/TV)
  • Accredited Observer Data
  • Social Media (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Input Methods

  • Short Code (*429#)
  • Email
  • Web Query Form
  • Social Media
  • RSS (A summary of different websites compiled into one feed or channel that eliminates the need to visit each individual website to read updated material.)

A secure cloud that is managed and accesses by Administrators from the County Government

Output Methods

  • Map
  • Social Media
  • SMS Alerts
  • RSS
  • Email

The following channels are used:

  • County Government – Customer Service
  • Media
  • Civil Society

“When citizens are actively involved in their civic and democratic institutions, their community and their nation are stronger, more just, and more prosperous.” 

Alan Solomont

Short Code

The short code to report, comment, or query about any county project is *429#. Residents can send a message to the short code to receive a response in a systematic manner.